1. What is cogitamus?

2. What do you do with cogitamus (basic fields of work)? And why are you doing this?

3. What topics are you dealing with?

4. Talking about transformation – what is the most urgent challenge in the world?

5. What is your USP, what makes cogitamus special?

6. What are your values?

7. What do you stand for, what are your values?

(another take about this question)

8. What do you live for, what is your vision?

9. Which authors or theories did influence your work?

10. Can you tell me another story that impressed you, where you learned something?

11. What is your approach with dialog and why do you include it in your work?

12. Can you tell me a bit about your latest book project „der kongress tanzt (the congress is dancing)“

13. What is important for leaders today?

14. What do you do in strategy?

Interview Prof. Dr. Lutz Becker, Karlshochschule with Thomas Klug, cogitamus about Master Program Leadership