The name says it all

cogitamus – we think together

The company name derives from the programmatic sentence of the French rationalist Rene Descartes: „Cogito ergo sum, I think therefore I am“.

cogitamus doesn’t want to replace this statement but extend it in: „cogitamus ergo nascimur, we think together so we become new“.

In this way we move between two poles:

The individualistic, ego-related thinking and static „being“ on the one hand and the communal, we-related thinking and dynamic process of „becoming“ on the other.

We have experienced that this tension between the poles, between the different perspectives of the participants, is reflected in every process of change. For this reason, we prefer a holistic consulting approach that takes this „as well as attitude“ into account.

However, this also means that change cannot be imposed from above, but must develop in the various organisational areas. The exchange between different perspectives and the question of the reasons for the respective position are an essential element of our consulting. This dialogical work initially requires a little more time, but on the other hand is much more sustainable and thus more economical.

The consulting of cogitamus

often starts where several organizational units and thus several worlds of thought meet: at the interfaces.

These can be internal organisational interfaces, such as: between departments, between line and project, between headquarters and decentralised units or interfaces between several organisations, e.g. between suppliers and manufacturers, between customers and manufacturers, between interest groups/associations and members, between research and educational institutions and their customers.

Our goal is to contribute to turning „interfaces“ into „living interfaces“ within an organisation. Some therefore call us bridge builders.

The method of cogitamus

is holistic, systemic and dialogical. Through the holistic systemic approach, the connection and interaction of the specific question and task is revealed with the customer in the overall context of the organisation. Through the dialogical work all participants develop a deeper understanding of the position and perspective of the other participants. Thus their positions can be understood and accepted or developed more easily.

This makes it possible to work together in a rather complementary way instead of competing against each other. The dialogical orientation of the work also makes it easier to use the collective creativity of the participants to solve increasingly complex problems.

Our experience is that this can be achieved less by selling „finished consulting products“ than by going together through a collaborative process.

Each task is different

The basis of our success is trust and an appropriate attitude towards the task. In dialogue with the customer, we develop an individual concept for the procedure – not off the shelf or from the toolbox – but aligned with the actual needs of the customer. We support the implementation to the necessary and desired extent.

Our customers appreciate us…

  • as a partner who guarantees personal and trustworthy support
  • as a neutral, trusted advisor who carefully evaluates alternative courses of action and develops and implements solutions together with the client
  • as a consultant with many years of international experience in industry and consulting as well as an international network
  • as experienced managers, also for complex tasks with an eye for the essentials
  • as a service provider who passionately serves and performs, and
  • as a „development aid worker“ who helps people to help themselves.