Where learning is a discovery journey


We offer training in the areas of leadership, transformation, organisation and innovation.

For us, training means: wondering, discovering, asking, listening, practicing, changing and finally: developing the will and discipline to actually implement what you have learned.

Therefore, our trainings often start with impulse lectures or introductory exercises on the different topics. Then these are deepened in different forms, with different media and in alternating rooms. Individual and group work in different roles as well as work with third parties alternate as required. Reflection on what we have learned is not neglected either.

Decisive for the success of the training is the interest in the contents, the joy of learning and the willingness to get involved with the topics as a whole personality.

We put together the respective trainings individually for you.

 For orientation the following training and seminar topics are mentioned as examples:

Learning Journey

Learning trip of several months (9-18 months) as an in-house event tailored to the company needs or as an open event together with other companies.

Design Thinking („Ideo Method“)

They give shape to new ideas and focus on the customer.

How do we create innovations – really

The art of effectively shaping innovation and change processes with Presencing and Theory U

Paradoxical Leadership

Value-oriented (tightly loose) leadership with a 360° perspective

Dialogue as the basis of authentic leadership

This is how they build relationships, communicate authentically and gain access to collective creativity.

Torn in change

How to lead authentically and successfully in transformation processes

Leading change

Designing and mastering change processes (with methods and exercises as basic and advanced training)

Kaizen and Lean Administration

Introduction to Kaizen Thinking and Continuous Improvement Processes (CIP) in Administration and Sales as a lever for stability and innovation

Systematic networked thinking

The Golden Rules for Overcoming Complexity

Using the levers of the Learning Organization

How they create the conditions for sustainable competitiveness

Organizational development and personnel development

How to effectively design and use the two sides of a coin

Structured thinking and acting with the pyramid principle (Minto-Method)

Professional design of projects, presentations, lectures, speeches, documentations, etc.


„If you want to learn something, ask an experienced
and not a scholar.“

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