Selfconcept of consulting

Where work begins with questions


Your success is our benchmark

Successful companies do not understand success as a short-term increase in quarterly results or a spontaneous, steep rise in share prices, but a sustained, steady and stable increase in the value of the company or its earnings. We are committed to this sustainable concept of success.

For this reason, our consulting generally combines the obvious short-term issues with the underlying structures and systems that caused them. This approach characterises us and is the basis of our success.

antwortenIf you are looking for a consultant who immediately „knows how it works“ and who tells you right from the start „where to go“, then you should look for someone else.


But if you are looking for a partner who thinks together with you (cogitamus), who asks questions, who struggles with you for answers, who is also involved in the implementation of jointly developed concepts, then we have a common basis.


„We Athenians do not regard consultations as obstacles on the way to action, but rather as necessary preconditions for wise action.“