Leadership requires attitude


We are frequently asked the following questions in connection with leadership:

  • What is the right strategy for us?
  • How can we achieve an entrepreneurial approach among our employees that allows them to rise to their full potential?
  • How do we deal with mistakes in our company?
  • How do we train the next generation of leaders to meet tomorrow’s requirements?
  • How do we manage the balancing act between trust and control?
  • How can we best communicate our corporate goals internally and to the market?
  • How can we inspire our customers and employees?
  • What image do we have of our competitors?

 Our understanding of leadership

Sustainable leadership is not only based on feasibility but also on accountability.

This requires criteria that are expressed in the corporate values. These are equally focused on value creation and value orientation and are generally reflected in the organization’s mission statement.

The daily example and continuous communication of this holistic basic attitude is an essential task of managers and leaders.

We have repeatedly noticed that a core of leadership work lies in the attitude of the managers and thus gives the organisation stability and orientation.

In addition, leadership also works indirectly through structures (organisation, corporate culture), processes (business, planning and improvement processes) and systems (incentive, control and assessment systems). Structures determine – mostly invisibly – the behaviour of people and are consequently also a result of leadership.

We can effectively support you in the following leadership topics:

  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Leading with goals
  • Basics of leadership
  • Introduction of modern leadership concepts
  • Personnel planning and development
  • Personal Communication
  • Dialogical Leadership (Dialogue)
  • Complexity management
  • Business Games


„What you want to ignite in others must first burn inside yourself.“

Aurelius Augustinus

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