Organization is the dynamic reflection of the environment


We are frequently confronted with the following questions on the subject of organisation:

  • How do we need to reorganise the division of labour in our company for our transition into the knowledge society?
  • How do we link strategy with organisation in our company?
  • How can we use digitisation to organise our processes?
  • Where and to what extent should we introduce agile methods?
  • How do we organise our distribution system in China and India and adjust our logistics accordingly?
  • How can we integrate the work of development and sales more closely in order to become more innovative?
  • How do we design our structures and business processes from the customer’s point of view?

Our understanding of organisational work

Organisational work serves the goal-oriented (intentional, meaningful, expedient) design of the division of labour and its coordination.

The design of this division of labour (organisation) takes place in the area of tension between market, strategy, technology, culture, stakeholder interests and size. In this respect, the organisation of a company is a reflection of its environment. If the environment changes, the organisation must also adapt. For this reason, the topic of organisation has recently moved to the center of attention.

Our experience has shown that successful organisational design not only focuses on individual aspects (structures, business processes, systems, etc.), but in particular keeps an eye on the interaction of all these topics.

This can be illustrated by a comparison with a football team:

It is not sufficient for team success if, for example, the center forward (salesman) and the right defender (buyer) receive special training and thus become top footballers. Success can only be sustained if the entire team, including the substitute players, has formed a unit over the entire season despite injury worries, which in the end has won more points than the competitors.

This holistic understanding of organisational work guides us in our consulting.

We can provide you with long-term support in the following organisational topics:

  • Integrated organisational and personnel development
  • Integration of all levels of organisational work
  • Learning Journeys
  • International Project Management
  • Organisational Research (weak point, event, short analysis)
  • Dealing with Complexity




„What should form a unit, must be different in nature.“