Transformation is more than change


Frequently asked questions in connection with change, transformation and change:

  • How can we intelligently link external change with internal change? 
  • How do we successfully carry out a complex change project while our business is running?
  • What are the success factors for a sustainable transformation?
  • What can happen if we do not change and adapt to the environment?
  • How do we convince our employees of the necessity of a far-reaching change despite good figures?
  • What concrete steps does our change process have to include?
  • How do we deal with fears of change in management and among employees?

Our understanding of transformation

In simple terms, a transformation is a change from a current actual state to a desired target state. Scope and depth of the change depend on the goal and the distance between actual and target.

If organizations want to survive permanently or remain competitive, they must adapt continuously to changes in the environment or they can influence their environment through their own changes. It is important to constantly rebalance between stability and renewal. The spectrum of transformations ranges from a reorganisation in a department to a fundamental identity change of an entire company.

Transformation shapes and accompanies a change of structures, processes, systems, culture, attitudes, mental models, working methods, communication and commitment. We understand transformation as a profound change and „reshaping“ of the unit concerned with its people and not only as an external „change of clothes“ (often referred to as change).

Essential parts of a transformation process take place „invisibly“ in people and in their cooperation. This change is also visible on the outside, partly delayed. This also makes transformations so difficult, as the effects can often only be seen much later.

Due to the strong change in the environment of organisations in the fields of technology, markets, society, politics, culture and ownership, transformation becomes an ongoing process and therefore more than just a project. However, the initiation of a transformation process can take the form of a project.

We are an experienced consultant for your transformation projects.

We can effectively support you with the following topics:

  • Concepts for change
  • Leading Transformation and Change (design of change processes)
  • Dialogue and Communication in Transformation
  • International Project Management


“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed at the same level of thinking at which we created it.”

Albert Einstein